A Film and Photo company by Christopher S. Stensli


Winter session at Nesodden!

First snowboard seesion 2011! At our lokal “hill” we have 1 rail, 2 boxes and one KICK ASS big junp wich will, if you don’t pay attetion, throw you into the woods.
Here in Norway there are about 20 minus degrees celsius, and this year we also got rain and fog at the same time! However, edits will come out, and i hope i will finnish the main movie this summer! Stay tuned!

Session in Brattbakken!

Music: Foreground set – Good Luck

riders: Eskild Rødsten, Brede Owesen, Mathias Syverinsen, Idir Ould-Saada, Christopher Stensli, Audun og Øystein Astrup.
Camera & edit: Christopher
Thanks to Idir and the rest of the crew!


Into this world we’re thrown

My newst film, and my first 3D animation out on the web!

Finally we are talking 3D!

After the production of nearley 10 short films within the past half year, its time for some 3D work! First step was to realize my dream of making my logo and character in 3D, so i did a introduction video for my company. After using Blender last year, i started using Cinema 4D.
My newest shortfilm, with my creature promoted in the intro will be out this weekend!

Portrait of Alexander Stensli


Folge Fonna 2010

First edit from Folge Fonna summercamp 2010!
Rider Marius Svendsen hits the park and he goes big with style.

The Zoo in Netherland

On my holiday in Waagningen, Netherland we wisited a zoo.